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Ava Yvonne Tyler


During Ava Tyler’s lifetime as the author of this book, she acquired a talent to express her thoughts, feelings, and humanitarian beliefs through religious poetry. Mrs. Tyler grew up and was educated in Los Angeles, California. She attended Miracle Missionary Baptist Church and now, she is a member of The City of Refuge where she has developed an understanding of the values of religious teachings. She has a tremendous thirst to share the beliefs and wonders of religious philosophy as she began the journey of expressing these feelings and thoughts through the art of poetry. She believes that poetry is soothing like music to the mind which provides comfort to anyone who sits down to read about these wonderful expressions of inspirations and encouragement which is meant to motivate every heart. So, for many years when the author had spare time, she would sit down and write a poem which would sometimes reflect on the lives of others with the hope of sharing these feelings, and thoughts with all of humanity.


Since the publishing of her first book, God’s Paradise, and her second book, God’s Beautiful Paradise, she has been a guest speaker, several times, on the radio station KTYM. During this time, she was interviewed by the Host, Mr. Abe Henryhand, as she recited a poem live on the air. She has been featured in the Long Beach Press Telegram, as well as, The Clarion Newspaper which is the Chatsworth High School monthly paper. Her first book, God’s Paradise, was placed on display in the school library. This book God’s Paradise was rated on the Internet in the top-100 category and the ebook in the top 10 category by others as a good book to read. The author of this book has performed several poetry recital shows with or without music for several convalescent homes to those people who were ill and unable to get out and mingle with the public.


In May 2009, she was a participant in the Black Writers on Tour at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The Host, Charles Chatmon, from Mixed Matters, interviewed Mrs. Tyler and several authors in attendance about their books and upcoming events. The author's 3rd book, God's Paradise 2, and her CD collection of spoken word will be available before Sept. 2017 for your enjoyment.