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God's Paradise 2


Lord, I can’t give you back all that you have given to me as I look at the beauty in this world that you have allowed my eyes to view and see. Lord, I want to accomplish all that you want me to be, which includes your love and honesty. Lord, it is your love and blessings I never want to lack, and thank you again Lord for loving me back.


I have pride in my school, it is a place where I spend my day. I have met many new friends along the way, as I carry with me pride everyday. When I come to school everyday I am here to learn and not to cause any problems of concern. The word pride is a part of my school assignment which will prepare me for my future, and every effort of the word outstanding that I use which will prepare me for the college that I choose.


There is a proper time and procedure for every matter. When you give your request to God it may not materialize right away, but leave it there and allow him to have his way, and most of all do not forget about him when you pray. When you give your matter the proper time and allow God to work it out, the truth of this matter is you will find inner peace when you pause a moment and pray this day as you tell God what is on your mind.



When God has blest you with a talent use it to the best of your ability and no matter how difficult your task may be, or how long it will take you to accomplish your goal the key word here is to never quit or give up.

When you keep hope alive and continue believing in yourself that one day your goal and dream will come true if you continue to believe in you.

God has prepared you with the best tools if you would use your confi- dence and know that nothing is impossible for you to achieve in life.

You should believe that one day will eventually come and you will ex- cel with great accomplishments with your visions as God blesses you with prosperity and excellence as you move forward in life to reach your goal.


Enjoy each beautiful God given day, as you take a moment to pray! This precious day is here today, and gone tomorrow. Be joyful, as you share your day.